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What to do if my site is offline?

First you should check if the website is really offline or you may have just gotten yourself blocked in the server's firewall.
You can check if a website is truly offline on the Host-Tracker website: http://host-tracker.com/
Simply input your domain name in there are it will check if it's online or not from different locations around the world.

If your website is actually online but you cannot access it then please contact our Support Department and ask them to check if your IP is blocked in the server's firewall, they will promptly unblock it.
(usually IPs get accidentally blocked by our firewall because failed logins or mod_security rules being triggered)

If the Host-Tracker website shows your website as being truly offline please check our Network Status page to see if there is currently any maintenance happening which is affecting the server your account is on.
If there's no maintenance in progress be sure to open a Support Ticket so we can investigate further of what's wrong.

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