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Wordpress wp-login.php and wp-admin 403 ERROR

By default we block wp-login.php and wp-admin access due to the fact that Wordpress is widely vulnerable to brute force attacks.

If you receive a 403 Forbidden error when accessing your Wordpress wp-login.php or wp-admin please follow this guide to whitelist your IP address.

  1. Find your public IP address, by visiting this page: http://www.hetrixbyte.com/ip.php
  2. Now go to your cPanel File Manager, and in the root folder of your Wordpress installation find or create the file called .htaccess
  3. In that file paste this code below and save the file.

<Files wp-login.php>
order deny,allow
deny from all

Make sure you replace YOURPUBLICIP with your actual public IP address obtained at Step1.

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